Top 3 Reasons to Check-In at Home

Set up in the finest location in Vietnam’s most opulent cities, Home creates the perfect marriage between high-end traditional Vietnamese cuisine and stunning location.

Checking-in at a Home restaurant shows your friends and family what a fantastic time you’re having so here’re a few reasons why we think you should check-in while you’re here.

1.     Our high-end range of Vietnamese cuisine is deliciously photogenic #nofilter

At Home, we’ve sourced the finest in locally produced ingredients, handpicked by our chefs and cooked using recipes passed down through generations. Our dishes not only create some very real food envy, but also show off some of Vietnam’s rich cultural history. They also look great with colorful and fresh ingredients going into every dish.

2.     The fantastic locations show off Vietnam’s rich heritage

One mark of every Home restaurant has been our commitment to maintaining stunning architecture. In each location we’ve taken a heritage building and maintained its standout features, preserving its place in Vietnam’s history. The stunning decoration both inside and out of a Home restaurant makes for a perfect backdrop to show your friends and family that you’re having a good time, and to invite them along to join.

3.     Win great prizes and eat for free next time!

We have minigames happening all the time, so if you check-in at Home there’s a chance you’ll be in for a free meal. Check our Facebook page for information on what minigames we’re running.

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