Chefs’ top 5 and guests’ top 5 at Home Moc

With Home Moc situated in the capital city of Vietnam, we’ve been heavily inspired by the Hanoi palate, which has a unique focus on balancing flavors within each dish. This means that our chefs create everyday favorites, local specialties, and national treasures. When you eat a chef special, you can taste their connection to the dish. The guests’ favorites, however, are simply the tastiest meals on the menu, as voted for by our diners.

Top 5 dishes recommended by chefs

Baked herbal chicken in clay pot

Using this traditional cooking technique, the skin of the chicken is caramelized in one of our well-seasoned clay pots and cooked to perfection over time to create the most flavorful chicken dish in town.

Marinated pomelo and dried squid salsa

This refreshing dish brings the sea and the land together in a flavor-filled marriage of the much-loved local fruit and Halong Bay’s famous squid.

Char-grilled lobster with green peppercorn salsa

With such an inimitably gorgeous coastline running the length of Vietnam, there’s an abundance of fresh shellfish right on our doorstep. The succulence of our fresh lobsters is only heightened by the addition of this refreshing peppercorn salsa.

Stir-fried crab with tamarind sauce

This shellfish dish is a heavenly mix of spices, bursting with flavor. Tamarind has become something of a specialty in Vietnam, and when mixed with our Vietnamese crabs, it creates a delicate, but tangy dish set to get all mouths watering.

Deep-fried young sticky rice with jackfruit

You’ll find sticky rice and jackfruit in abundance throughout Hanoi, but rarely are the two paired to make such an indulgent, moreish dessert. It may surprise you that such household ingredients made their way into this sumptuously simple recipe, but it’s no surprise it’s in our chef’s top picks.

Top 5 best dishes voted by guests


Hanoian grilled “chả cá” and aroma salsa

One of the definitive dishes of Hanoi, cha ca is beloved by guests of Home Moc due to the inclusive nature of the traditional fish dish. The whole meal is cooked in the center of your table, releasing the scent of fish and turmeric into the air, bringing people together as it cooks.

Marinated pomelo and dried squid salsa

Though this dish may have been recognized already within the chefs’ section, this unique fruit and seafood dish transcends local culture and has quickly become a favorite for tourists too.

Caramelized prawns with crispy garlic

We source all our seafood from nearby fishing ports, buying all our ingredients fresh and cooking them as soon as we can. Our caramelized prawns are a testament to this, cooked with garlic; we showcase the finest in Vietnamese seafood.

Grilled beef with galangal root and lemongrass

Galangal root, ginger’s distant cousin, which looks similar but tastes very different, is the star of this succulent dish. We’ve added lemongrass to maintain a distinctly Vietnamese style, resulting in a beautifully balanced beef dish.

Steamed mango and snow fungus pudding

Our unique dessert exemplifies what we do at Home Moc, taking traditional Vietnamese ingredients and trying to do something unique with them, but we hope to create something memorable in the process. This dish is a must-try for any dessert lover.

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