Top Dishes for Meat Lovers at the Home Restaurants

Vietnam is something of a meat-eater’s paradise. You’ll find that more than most of Vietnam’s best loved dishes are packed full of beef, pork or chicken, like pho or bun cha. As we are representatives of traditional Vietnamese cuisine, we like to showcase the very best that Vietnam has to offer throughout all Home restaurants. At Home, we take the finest cuts of meat, all of which are free-range where available, and turn them into exemplary traditional meals.

Home and Home Moc – Hanoi

Deep fried crispy pork belly with “mắm” sauce

We’ve taken that much-loved pork belly crunch to another level with this classic dish. By deep frying the meat, you’ll start with an initial crumbly outer layer that slowly moves into the tender meat – as dishes for meat lovers go, this one is an absolute must!

 Baked herbal chicken in clay pot

We’ve borrowed from the south for this dish. Saigon has a long tradition of baking meats in clay pots and for good reason. Using local herbs and a strictly traditional approach to cooking, this dish serves up caramelized chicken, fragrant with aromatic herbs and guaranteed to make even the most ardent vegetarian jealous.

Grilled beef with galangal root and lemongrass

We’ve borrowed from Thai, Indonesian, and Malaysian cooking for this dish. While Vietnamese cuisine is more prone to galangal’s cousin, ginger, we’ve combined it with a typical Vietnamese herb, lemongrass, for our own twist on the root, giving the beef a flavorsome kick that’s hard to resist.

 Home – Hoi An

 Wok fried beef with chili and straw mushrooms

Hoi An is known for its abundance of free-range meats and is regarded as one of Vietnam’s top destinations for foodies. With this in mind, we’re proud to use the finest cuts of locally sourced beef for our dishes and we’re confident that you’ll see why when you taste the beef.

Braised pork ribs with chili and Vietnamese pickles

When eating from one of Vietnam’s iconic street food vendors, you’ll notice their proclivity for adding pickled vegetables to a range of dishes. For our braised pork ribs, we’ve utilized this staple of Vietnamese cuisine to add a sour kick to the dish.

 Hanoian roasted boneless duck with pickles

Roasted duck, a traditional Chinese delicacy, has slowly become one of Vietnam’s most popular dishes and is eaten largely as a takeaway or during special occasions. We’ve built on this concept and elevated it in the process, crafting something extra special and serving it with pickled vegetables for an extra salty tang.

 Home Finest – Saigon

 Grilled beef on rock salt

Though the dish may be simple, by using the finest cuts of locally sourced, free-range beef and a dash of rock salt, we’ve created a tender slice of beef, guaranteed to satisfy any meat lover.

Saigon ‘pho’ noodle soup

This world-famous dish is a must try for meat-loving visitors in Vietnam. We use finely sliced beef to top this traditional noodle dish, where it bathes in a hearty broth alongside noodles and fresh herbs – if you didn’t eat pho in Vietnam, did you even go?

Roasted duck with five spice

While this dish may be popular throughout Vietnam, it is most commonly found in Saigon, where Chinese influence from the local port popularized the dish amongst the locals. We’re proud to have added our own Vietnamese touch to this veritable feast of meat.

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