Top Dishes for Seafood Lovers at Home

You’re never far away from fresh seafood in Vietnam, a country wrapped by coral reefs to provide a diverse mixture of fish and shellfish. When it comes to Vietnamese cuisine, we like to keep everything fresh, purchasing all of our ingredients from our local markets, alive and kicking. This makes for the freshest seafood available, be it from heritage port cities like Hoi An, to cities further from the coast, like Hanoi.

Home Finest – Saigon

Pan-seared seabass with passion fruit sauce

The perfect fish for seafood lovers with a desire for strong tastes, the Saigon seabass are locally caught, with a buttery taste and a meaty texture. We use a passion fruit sauce to compliment the strong texture to create a dish bursting with fresh flavors.

 Wok-fried crab with vermicelli and spices

We’ve plucked fresh crab straight from the sea and fried it with some of the fantastic spices that Vietnamese cuisine is known for and then paired it with Vietnam’s famous vermicelli noodles.

 Wok-fried baby squid with ‘mam’ sauce

While our squid is a typical seafood delicacy, what really stands out in this dish is the ‘mam’ sauce. Vietnam’s famously fishy sauce, not to be confused with the controversial ‘mam tom’, is made up of salty flavors from fish sauce, spice from chilli, and is ever so slightly sweet.

 Home – Hoi An

 Grilled catch of the day with Hanoi’s herbs and rice paper roll

As a famous ancient port, Hoi An is known to have the finest seafood in Vietnam. Our chefs venture down to the local market each morning to handpick the catch of the day, ensuring the freshest seafood dish around.

 Grilled oysters on charcoal with cilantro sauce & shredded coconut

We’ve taken a couple of typical Vietnamese ingredients and added them to some locally farmed oysters. You’ll find cilantro makes up a large portion of Vietnamese cuisine, with dishes like pho and banh mi chock full of them.

 Grilled squid with green chili sauce

As a central Vietnamese city, Hoi An is fortunate to have a mix of ingredients available right on the doorstep. Hoi An is also close enough to Halong Bay to make the most of their signature, freshly caught squid.

 Home Moc – Hanoi

 Marinated pomelo and dried squid salad

While Hanoi may be a little further away from the ocean than cities like Saigon or Hoi An, one ingredient we do have in abundance is pomelo, which we believe adds a delicious and fruity twist to our dried squid.

Caramelized prawns with crispy garlic

We didn’t want to finish this list without including one of the key ingredients to Vietnamese cuisine: garlic. You’ll find garlic as a main ingredient throughout some of our most popular dishes, and it brings a rounded flavor to our sweet caramelized prawns.

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